Lost Profits & Lost Business Income

Forensic accountants are frequently engaged to calculate lost profits or review business interruption insurance claims for lost business income.

Lost profits calculations require substantial experience and expertise in determining the appropriate assumptions to use in establishing the amount of damages. Those assumptions include, but are not limited to, the following factors:

  • “But For” revenues and expenses for past and future damages
  • Actual past revenues and expenses for past damages purposes
  • Projected future actual revenues and expenses
  • Appropriate discount rate
  • Length of damage period
  • Loss of value (if appropriate)

Business interruption insurance is intended to compensate the insured under the specific terms of the specific insurance policy for the Loss of Business Income. The amount of the insurance claim considers several factors similar to those in a Lost Profits claim for the period of loss covered by the insurance policy.

Asher Meyers has years of training in the quantification of Lost Profits and Lost Business Income and provided expert testimony in these areas.

Asher Meyers also has substantial experience in determining damages in construction related disputes including contractual breaches and delay damages. In connection with these areas, we often perform detailed analysis of the appropriate financial statements and underlying support, pay applications, job cost schedules and budgets and estimates.